angles inside of comets falling from a galaxy sky onto the earth
student project of a single page website featuring the band Twenty One Pilots
student project of one page website featuring the non-for-profit Sojourn Shelter


Skills and Abilities

  1. Great Organizational Skills
  2. Exceptional Time Management
  3. Strong Communication Skills
  4. Team Player
  5. Adaptable and Flexible
  6. Computer and Research Skills


B.S. Communications, University of Illinois, Springfield, IL

  1. Anticipated Date of Graduation: 2019
  2. Design classes
  3. Interpersonal Communication class
  4. PR class
  5. Mass Communication class

Southeast High School, Health Science Academy, Springfield, IL, Graduated 2014

  1. Weighted GPA 4.5
  2. Recieved Golden Laurel Award for high academic achievement, charater, leadership, and service
  3. Member of National Honor Society
  4. Web design class

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